I have been in the bicycle business for 20 years. During that time there have ben many changes in the bike world. Today there is such a varity of products for the bicycle and rider that as a store owner it is almost impossible to keep everthing in stock or even know the newest or lastest craze to hit the industry. We here at The Fixit Shop try!!! If there is a suggestion that you have that will help us , let us know.
To keep my sanity I also am involved with Ham Radio (KA7DNK) along with my wife Barbara (KB7LPH) and my son KB7EQZ and his wife KB7AVO and my daughter KB7WHH and her husband KC7UXM. I am also a Professional Photographer so things are always hopping.
One of the other things that I try and do is spend time with the kids and grandkids (7). To do that I like to fish and powerboating. The Newest arrival ! Dec.31,1999
boat pix
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Frank the early years with sister Sandy!

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